Joie de Vivre

Effervescent, she shook up life
until it bubbled delicious.
Wore glitter star barrettes
high-kicking through life
like a sequined Rockette.


Bjorn is tending the bar today at dVerse and asks us to write a Twitter poem:
exactly 140 characters. A character is defined as a letter, space, hyphen, or punctuation mark.
Yep, that’s me. About 10 years ago, celebrating with the Boston Pops on the 4th of July on the esplanade. This shot made the jumbotron that night! I always wanted to be a¬†
Rockette! ūüôā


This Ain’t Kansas

You blew into town,
slicked back hair, muscle shirt.
Swaggered in with a cocksure grin,
ordered whiskey shots.
Tom Jones dropped in the jukebox,
pulsed heart throb beats.
Women groveled, blushed and fawned
Me? I dropped the cue,
clicked my heels and sashayed out.


A quadrille (44 words) written for dVerse Poet’s Pub. Grace is tending bar and asks us to think about the word twister.¬†¬†Also applying¬†for day 18 in NaPoWriMo. Photos are two free images fused together.


Sun slips into sea
tinging waters pink
as first love’s blush.

Their love, sowed and tilled
through leaving tears,
rekindled in this place

where sky melts blue
into waves of aquamarine.
Bodies meld familiar

then spark as old wick
stammers then flames,
passion reborn.


Quadrille (44 word poem) using the word “melt” as prompted by Grace, tending the bar at dVerse, a poet’s virtual pub. ¬†Photo: sunset from our deck in Bermuda.


Ma cherie, mon amour, au naturelle
like dew drops upon rosebud petals,
champagne bubbles tickling my nose.

Sweet crème fraiche atop fresh picked berries,
whip cream dollups daubed scoop by scoop
on thick chocolat p√Ętisserie.

Quite simply put, my dear,
you are my ganache.


Quadrille (44 word poem) for Monday’s dVerse, and today, De Jackson our bartender at the pub, asks that we include the word “bubble.” ¬†Photo Credit: Enrica Bressan.

Erotica, I Give in to Thee

The kiss
mouth probes deep
like humming bird
seeks the nectar of life.

The touch
skin to skin
gentle dancing fingertips
massage, caress, progress to joy.

No words
guttural moans and gasps
penultimate vulnerability.

Oh Erotica, I succumb to thee.
My body smiles, hums and throbs
as it melds into his.


Word Press Writing 201 Final Day Prompts: ¬†the word “pleasure,“, sonnet (14 lines: stanzas of 4, 4, 3, and 3 lines — rhyming not required in contemporary sonnet), and apostrophe (speaker in poem addresses another person, a personified object or emotion). ¬†I’ve enjoyed the class!

…and the Blind Shall See


Her face, my map, my guide
in this moment of charged silence.

I touch her eyes, feel cool wet lashes
sensation on my fingertips
questions in my heart.

Fingers move quickly to dampened cheeks
trace rivulets of silent tears.
Drops of fear or rejection or what?

Her lips purse together gently
in a bird-peck kiss upon my palm
press deeper, part slightly in a moan.

She leans in and I read her yes
hands grasp mine as we enter
this divine communion called love.

Thank you, God
for this gift of touch
for this woman who lies with me.

For joyful tears, now mine
from sightless orbs that see.
She loves me as I am.


Motivated by WP Writing 201 prompts: map, ode, metaphor