Erotica, I Give in to Thee

The kiss
mouth probes deep
like humming bird
seeks the nectar of life.

The touch
skin to skin
gentle dancing fingertips
massage, caress, progress to joy.

No words
guttural moans and gasps
penultimate vulnerability.

Oh Erotica, I succumb to thee.
My body smiles, hums and throbs
as it melds into his.


Word Press Writing 201 Final Day Prompts:  the word “pleasure,“, sonnet (14 lines: stanzas of 4, 4, 3, and 3 lines — rhyming not required in contemporary sonnet), and apostrophe (speaker in poem addresses another person, a personified object or emotion).  I’ve enjoyed the class!

Diamond Lil


WP Writing 201: Second version of a concrete poem using a diamond (which is otherwise known as cold ice; cold being the word for the day)and anaphora (repetition of a word in beginning lines of verse). First diamond shaped poem of the day for this assignment was Diamond in the Rough....previous post today. Take a look there too!

Elegy for Childhood

Do not grasp or fear the sifting sand
savor instead, sweet memories.

Tippee cups and imagined friends
popsicle sticky smiles.

Unabashed big bigger Balooka bubbles
popped on freckled nose.

High pitched yells with a Mary Jane stomp
knock knock jokes giggled silly.

Proscenium now disappeared, curtains askew
props and costumes gone.

Mourn not the little ones of yesteryear,
loose your hand and revel now.

Their roots are strong, let go the sieve
tis time to change the scene


WP Writing 201 prompts: the word “flavor”, enumeratio (listing), and the elegy form. Elegy: usually in couplets, first line longer; can be a longing, loss, mourning, and/or a celebration of life.

Miracles at Shriners

There’s a place outside my window
I do not often see,
a million miles across the street
where death decries your plea.

‘Tis a purgatorial place
for the once young at heart,
innocent souls now burned by flame
who thirst for life’s restart.

Red yellow fire once licked their skin
left pain in fissures deep
now loved ones kneel in fervent prayer
their young ones here to keep.

Mine is a neighborhood of hope
for children wrapped in gauze,
doctors, nurses, medical care
united in one cause.


View of Shriners Childrens Hospital in Boston, from my 7th floor deck / my living room window.  WP Writing 201 prompt:  write in the ballad form, using assonance, and relating to the word “neighborhood.”  Ballad:  dramatic, emotionally charged, 4 line stanza quatrain, alternating stress lines as in 8 syllables, 6 syllables, 8 syllables, 6 syllables; and using an ABCB rhyme scheme.  Assonance:  subtle repeat of vowel sounds.

Behind the Myth

The myth behind the woman loved by many,
richly layered flavorscultivated to impress.

Miss Popularity, Miss Luther League
years later, a doctor’s wife
mother and choir member too.

Chameleon of many faces.
24 hours. 10 stories.
A runaway drama, no one really knew.

Instability lurked behind her masks
until the show of the week
forever changed her life.

Ripple effect
wider than a tidal pool.

Knife in hand, surge of passion
husband prostrate at her feet.
Murdereress.  A new role.

Impromptu, adlib,
shocked by the script.

Masks-01                            found

Prompts from WP Writing 201:  faces, found poetry, chiasmus. Found Poetry: scissors and newspaper in hand, cut out words and phrases and arrange them in a poem. Words from THE WEEK, September 18, 2015 edition.  Chiasmus: a reversal, an inversion (title to first line).

…and the Blind Shall See


Her face, my map, my guide
in this moment of charged silence.

I touch her eyes, feel cool wet lashes
sensation on my fingertips
questions in my heart.

Fingers move quickly to dampened cheeks
trace rivulets of silent tears.
Drops of fear or rejection or what?

Her lips purse together gently
in a bird-peck kiss upon my palm
press deeper, part slightly in a moan.

She leans in and I read her yes
hands grasp mine as we enter
this divine communion called love.

Thank you, God
for this gift of touch
for this woman who lies with me.

For joyful tears, now mine
from sightless orbs that see.
She loves me as I am.


Motivated by WP Writing 201 prompts: map, ode, metaphor

Secret No More

Like a bruise on peach skin
her flushed face was mottled
from too much handling.

He stood across from her
tapping his spit polished
wing tip shoes.

Quiet, festering
until his fist slammed
into the glass table top.

Cornucopia upended
plastic fruits
clattered to the floor

as she stood, silent
eyes cast down
waiting for the barrage

she knew
would come.


WP Writing 201 Prompt for Day Four: Limerick, Imperfection and Enjambment (poetic device where grammatical sentences spill into next verse. It seems I’ve slipped to the “dark side” with this poem, using the idea of imperfection and enjambment. Obviously, this is not a limerick – for that, go to the Humor Category and see the G-tarian poem. 

Street People: Man One

He was a thick-skinned old coot. And no one knew his history.
He just seemed to appear one day. On the park bench. He sat there
with the pigeons, newspapers crumpled in his lap. Never talked,
never flinched when the kids hit baseballs close or when the rain fell.
I’d rush by and he just stared. At the newspapers, in his lap. All that summer,
he sat like that. And then he was gone. Like the summer’s warmth. Just gone.


WP Writing 201 prompts: Prose poem, skin, internal rhyme.