And so it begins today.
Rejuvenatement, not retirement.
Poetry, my voice from within, now has the time and the space.

I’ve always found the sounds and sights of the ocean mesmerizing.

My spouse of 45 years and I spend two weeks every year in Provincetown, MA, the very tip of Cape Cod. Many have found the magic of this place as their muse:  playwrights Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams; Pulitzer Prize winners Norman Mailer (author) and Mary Oliver (poet).



Our footprints disappeared
in the cool damp sand ridges,
walking farther and farther
into the wetness of low tide.

Heads bowed, we shaded our
eyes from the sun’s glare,
the glisten it created as the water
deepened in the distance.

We shared our solitude
quietly grateful
we chose the off-season
to rediscover our togetherness.

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