Six Characters to a Page

Acrobat by trade,
she tumbled her way
through the three-ringed circus
everyone else called life.

She was not a cook,
the Cuisinart soufflé pan
Calphalon pots and
ten-speed blender,
simply signs of her optimistic soul.

Potter by trade
she worked the wheel.
Hands wet, shaping clay –
wishing her life was as easy to mold. 

He lives his life as a barnacle would,
clinging tenaciously to faith
in an eroding world.

Architect by trade
he drew blueprints for his life.
Meticulous plans.
Until she walked in one sultry night,
right angles upset by curves.

Waste not, want not.
She’d heard that all her life,
lived by it too.
Christmas wreath upon her head,
ready for the Easter parade.

Written for dVerse, Open Link Night.