Happiness Extended

She enjoyed decorating for the season
memories gently removed from tissue paper,
placed about the room.

Christmas cards from years gone by
ornaments of glass and styrofoam
some misshapen, now glitter bare.

Each year’s new wreath carefully selected
artificial greens bedecked in happines
meant to last well beyond her window.

And as Epiphany dawned
she readied herself for church
donned this year’s circle of golden stars.

Her wreath of choice, her Sunday hat.
And she wore the Christmas spirit
well beyond the new year.


In response to the Daily Photo Challenge to let a familiar shape, the circle, inspire you. Poem motivated by photo, taken at the White House December 2015.


At this age, spectacles sit precariously,
the bridge of my nose their perch.
Magnify life’s past,
forks in the road, hillsides with ruts
sea side suns and city life,
so many bridges forged.

Looking ahead, the distance is less.
Tread slowly the tunnel etched on the map,
transition away from and into the dark.
Or seek light, transition forward
cross o’er the bridge and soar slowly,
glide through the transom and savor the view.

bridge 1 bridge 2  full bridge    bridge 3

Photos of Zakim Bridge in Boston, MA.  Poem motivated by Daily Post Photo Challenge: Transition. Bridges, of many kinds, transition us from place to place.


peal in raucous victory
chime a noon-time angelus
clang loud children back to school
announce the hour upon a ship
graph a normal distribution
style the levi’s bottom flare
ring upon a guest’s arrival
tinkle at the butler’s call
and when the journey
comes to end,
toll for thee

In reponse to the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Victory. Three photos from our Panama Canal Cruise: hanging bells in the courtyard outside the Museum of the Inquisition in Cartegena, Colombia; and the cathedral’s bell tower in Puerto Vallarta, with the sun making a perfect halo around the cross. Ship’s bell from our Baltic Cruise. 


Have you seen the moment?
When the sun, in all her glory
becomes maker of the glorious.
Beyond warmth,
she turns light rays into magic
magnified by two.
Image maker supreme
in smooth-as-glass mountain tarns,
upon a building’s see-through wall
or in the garden’s sculpture pond.
The beautiful is embellished,
shines double delight.

In response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Ornate.  Photos: Mt. Rainer at Reflection Pond in Mt Rainer National Park; The Dale Chihuly glass displays in Denver Botanic Gardens; reflection of Trinity Church in Boston’s John Hancock Tower; Stan Hywet Gardens in Akron, Ohio.

Carefully I Ask

This prayer I say as dark draws nigh
and she slips off to sleep,
may angels stand their guard nearby
as she dreams softly deep.

And when the sun begins to dawn,
wake to the new day’s light,
tell her she should continue on
the hope is near, within the fight.


Photo from visit to an Orthodox church in Estonia. Post motivated by Daily Photo Challenge and dedicated to my dear friend Louise.

Pass Me By No More

Multiple street corners I tried
army surplus wool blanket
wrapped round hunched shoulders
day old newspapers, my insoles
battered red plastic cup extended
as you rushed by, unseeing passersby
and me, invisible
like the harsh winds you leaned in to
and so I left your world,
ascended to the clouds.

My spirit lives in blue skies
afloat in soft nothingness.
Look up you passersby. See me
reflected in your corporate glass buildings.
But you, marionettes to a status master
strings taut, look straight ahead
rush with dayplanner blinders
unaware of natural beauty,
never mind the street people
dead or alive, we are all invisible.

2 - 1

In response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge:  (extra)ordinary….beautiful everyday things. Clouds are ordinary occurrences…as are street people in the city.