Time is a glutton,
no pause in its diet.

Time is invisible,
except in heights marked
on a kitchen door,
candles on a cake,
tombstones in cemetery plots.

Time can not spin backwards.
Its lust for more seconds,
more days, more weeks,
more years, more decades,

Time eats each word I write.
Time, the ravenous glutton.

Image from Pixabay.com

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Mary Nilsen February 9, 2022 / 2:56 pm

    Dear Lillian,

    I had just finished the first draft of an essay for part of this collection I have been writing and see your name on an email and gulp when I read, “Time eats each word I write. Time, the ravenous glutton.” And I imagine time, like a Pac-Man starting at the end and chomping its way through my words. My pain. My life.

    Your words, so simple on the surface, carry a depth charge to them—to mix the metaphor.

    Thanks. I think. m



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