Want Ad

super heroes
the twenty-four-seven variety.
kindness, empathy,
a listening ear,
open heart and mind.
Willingness to wear another’s shoes.
Must self-identify with humanity
not gender, race,
ethnicity, education,
or place of origin.
We need you,

I’m hosting dVerse today and asking folks to think about the words “super hero” and “super power(s)” and write a poem that is somehow related to or motivated by those words. The words themselves may or may not be in the poem. Pub opens at 3 PM Boston time. Come on over to read some super posts!

38 thoughts on “Want Ad

  1. Vivian Zems March 13, 2018 / 5:00 pm

    Delightful! I love this. With the degradation of humanity, it just about makes sense to call for these super heroes.

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  2. Gospel Isosceles March 13, 2018 / 5:07 pm

    Sing it! The call for those who “self-identify with humanity” is a must-heard battle cry these days, and yes, those who heed the call are the real superheroes.

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  3. katiemiafrederick March 13, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Lillian for i have a Secret NoW
    that not many may fully know/feel/sense for it is the
    Child in Middle School Most often who
    is bullied who eventually turns to
    Victory instead of Vengeance
    And the Art of Comic
    Book Creation
    to Create
    a Super
    Hero that many
    Children who are
    bullied for being different
    may enjoy as an archetype at least
    in Fantasy of Human Hero come to be..
    thing is.. when all the Children bullied me in
    School.. i didn’t have the focus for extended
    art and creativity then.. so.. instead.. i looked to
    Strength Training instead to exert my right to survive
    as a weak seen fish in ‘their’ Aquarium then.. and oh my
    Goodness with increased confidence in my Shadow Self
    eventually graduating
    out of a mental crisis
    unit after breaking
    down after
    A Higher College
    year in School.. i went on
    to three part time jobs and
    finishing three degrees where even
    an older female peer at College named
    me Superman for that as wow.. i never
    expected to hear that particularly as i still
    had only Clark Kent Skills in the Social Arena
    then.. yes.. kind.. but mostly just the kind of guy that
    Most Girls saw as friend then and perhaps potential for
    Super Hero2.. hehe.. Okay.. now after coming out of Hell
    for 66 Months in the second life round of that and going on
    now to make a 6 Million Word Poem Man and 9300 Miles of
    Public Dance in the 58 months it will take by my 58th Birthday this year real
    on 6.6.18.. as yes as i may have mentioned before that’s one-ten-thousandth in
    in miles as a one way trip to the Sun.. hmm.. True.. i have yet to be called Superman
    for my Poetry Writing Volume for usually i am too big to see.. And while i finished
    my work-career before i broke down again at age 47.. since the previous break
    down at 21.. i was named Superman by the Lady Across the Hall who saw all
    my Collateral Business associated duties assigned and completed while being
    Athletic Director of a Navy Station then.. yes.. too.. after being the last kid picked
    on Sports Teams in Schools with still.. no clue about team sports then.. valuable
    commodity picked for my analytical skills first still without the Social Art of making
    Teams really work.. true.. how many Superheroes are really team players.. goes back
    to the Comic Book Creators as outcasts they were too.. anyway.. i haven’t heard Super
    Hero for my Dance in Public that is just a spiraling moving meditation that is just mostly
    for the Bliss and Nirvana and the Kingdom of Heaven continuously for that Ascendent
    Transcendent Meditation Continuous Movement of Life now as any rice paper walking
    Native would/will do to move invisibly gracefully to capture prey and escape predator
    in Feral-Cat Stealth-Like BaLanCinG
    Lion Hearted Courage with Force
    Strength Love of Will for the Rest
    of the Tribe then.. True too.. that was
    just a given in them olden days then..
    And still True for so-called Primitive Folks
    who still really live innately instinctually in skills and
    abiLiTies intuitively with ISA’s over Book Knowledge
    in KSA’s now.. thing is.. i have been publicly acknowledged
    as Legend of Dance Directly to my face moreover for the fact
    that i am the only one Brave enough to do that in Public for 1215
    Events in a Metro Area of around 300K folks as of tonight at Super
    Walmart will be that 1215th event in Close to 55 months of making a
    GPS Sports Watch Documented Dance all along the way in my close
    to 6 Million Word Poem as the Dance provides the intense laser focus
    to get the Song done after the Dance continues on.. anYWay.. my FriEnd it’s
    really not that impressive at all for through the Decade of my Maternal Grand
    Mother from her 40’s to 50’s for 10 years she as a Divorced Mother raising 4 Daughters
    worked as a Waitress in Town Balancing Trays Full of Food and Drinks.. 12 hours a day then
    7 days a week until her physical body broke down and the next Steel Magnolia who would
    be my Mother Supported her for rest of her life raising both my Sister and me undiagnosed
    on the Autism Spectrum until close to an age of our 47th Year of life.. where she had to deal
    with the lot of that that was us young.. somehow.. always supporting us with love no matter what..
    yes.. through 2 Break Downs as an Adult for me that overall lasted 7 years then with nothing
    really to give back to her but the trouble i was then.. It’s True.. my Friend.. 9,000 miles in
    55 months is less than 6 miles average a day.. at only 1MPH Hour without any of the
    Public Accolades i get on a day to day basis of free smiles and video voyeur shares
    on Facebook.. she did at least 12 Miles a day at twice of what i did and likely twice
    as much as that or more as Waitressing can and will be a Big Rush to get the
    food out and served just right.. it’s true.. my friend.. i am quite flushed when
    a Young Woman says weeee weee when they meet me face to face now for
    all i’ve done as a Dance of bliss.. for true.. i repeat this True story to them..
    in so many less words of a Freader’s Digest Concentrated
    Version to them.. to tell them that it is all the Steel
    Magnolia’s as they may one day be who never
    run out of empathy and sympathy and
    compassion for those who
    are outcast
    ill and
    all screwed up..
    true.. if i can and will ever
    Measure up to my Mother and
    Grandmother then i will be just a Real
    Human then.. no myth.. no fantasy.. no tall
    tells of antiquated moth bitten books.. flesh and
    blood and tears of as Real Supernormal Human Being oF LoVE Now..
    True.. i aim high my friend for i come from the Highest Trees of Love
    that is Woman..
    i am just
    A leave
    that comes
    From all those Trees..
    Yes.. my friend this story is rather
    long and not really appropriate as a comment
    written back to a Poem online but my Mother and
    my Grandmother taught me to eat all that was on my
    plate.. and when it comes to muse i give back all that i eat..
    in other words less and much more this is just a Thank you for all the
    folks who bring muse and inspiration to light up the flicker and the flame
    and the Torch as Bonfire of Saint Elmo’s Fire that is just another word for
    a Light Bringer that/who is the same meaning of my Mother’s Name as Helen too..
    True.. all who
    Feed and
    Trees if only
    Leaves are Super Heroes now..
    i didn’t get to really give it all for
    International Women’s Day Last Week
    so.. yeah.. True.. you got that too.. heHe..
    as they say.. what comes around goes around more..;)

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      • katiemiafrederick March 14, 2018 / 3:56 pm

        As Far as the Women Folk Go And ALL my Family.. yes.. Grand They are For the only
        Lord i Dance and Sing For as Love..:)

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      • Vaccinius March 15, 2018 / 12:45 pm

        The text has been altered since I made my initial comment. I no longer find it “grandious”. I am sorry I am incapable of deleting the comment.


      • katiemiafrederick March 15, 2018 / 11:56 am

        Hehe.. as Clark Kent goes..
        i cannot tale a lie.. Lillian.. i am the
        Frederick Part of the Katie Mia Frederick
        Husband and Wife Team.. i am 57 and she
        is turning 48 in April.. but it’s okay if you want to
        call me Super Girl.. anyway.. for it’s true.. even though
        i stand over 6 Feet Tall and Weigh around 240LBS and
        Leg Press 1020Lbs.. 52 repetitions.. with my arms raised in the
        air like a Ballerina.. at the Military Gym.. i work out at with all the
        Elite Marine and Navy Student Pilots.. as a retiree from the Federal
        Government in Civilian Status.. it’s True..
        when i was in Middle
        School i was very
        as the McDonald’s
        Cashier mistook me for
        A Miss and the Kids at School
        often Called me the F Word and not
        the Fred Word just ’cause i was Tall and Thin
        and Had Thick Blonde Long Hair with Bright Pale
        Green to Blue Changing eyes with long eyelashes too..
        And i smiled all the time ear to ear with a long thin Big Head…
        (in High School
        i grew a beard)
        True though..
        the Girls
        liked me much
        more than the Boys
        and 2000 or so smiling faces
        in Selfie way also included in my
        Coming 6 Million Man Word Poem indicate
        too that the Girls like me much more than the
        Boys do still.. even at 57 years of age.. heHe..
        i suppose it was worth it in those younger years..
        being teased for the Gender i do Love so much.. still..
        Just for the fact/feel they are not afraid to be F in Human and Show their Feelings.. Most…
        It’s also True my Friend for Love is No Gender.. No Sexual Orientation.. No Lone National
        Origin.. No Creed alone.. No Color.. No Age.. Time.. Distance.. or Space.. Love is Beyond
        Infinity now all one Blood..
        And it’s True i Write
        as Love and
        Love at its
        Best Naturally
        Sounds as Divine
        Feminine Flowing
        Balancing Grace..
        Perhaps it’s
        True.. i may
        be Wonder Woman too..
        Disguised as a Lamb in Lion’s clothes..
        Don’t tale the other Guy who replied to
        me for he might think i’m saying i’m A ‘Jesus’..
        And make fun of me for that again.. it’s true in
        ‘that’ Story in John 14:12.. ‘Jesus’ predicted many
        People like Stephen Hawking would carry much
        Bigger Crosses aCross a Lifespan and continue to Love no matter what…
        Yesterday.. Stephen Hawking Died on PI Day as it’s true the Greatest
        Super Heroes
        Hold up
        Crosses yet
        on A Foundation
        oF Love that/who does more than just words..
        in other words.. these words are nothing and dance is all that is..
        True..Words Try iN aS LiGHT but they will Never Match Love Esssence
        A Dance of God as Love that is real
        now with no
        words at all..
        Bless you my
        friend.. and please
        don’t take it against
        me that i am a man
        (i Feel you will not)
        but considering
        His Story
        i wouldn’t
        blame you if you did.. that..
        i Always Feel More Warm
        And Fuzzy around whoever
        Wears the Clothes of Love..
        We are born naked with those
        Clothes but sadly thE LoVE
        beComes covered….
        and then
        Story oF ‘Fore..
        i don’t believe that
        Real Super Heroes oF Love (i.e. Gandhi)
        Carry Guns or Swords or Money.. that’s where
        me and Wonder Woman part ways.. bearded or not..;)


  4. kim881 March 13, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    There is genius in your wanted poem, Lill, and the way things are going in the world at the moment, we really do need super heroes!

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    • lillian March 15, 2018 / 11:10 am

      Thanks, Kim. Will give you a chuckle today….I was reading the classified ads in the Bermuda Gazette when I wrote this….hence the idea for the Want Ad….but I digress. In the Under $100 section was this ad. “Experienced golf balls. Still have life in them. $25 for 100. ” Really! 🙂

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  5. rothpoetry March 13, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    Sometimes it takes something beyond willpower to meet the challenges of the day. People of faith would call this superpower, the Power of the Holy Spirit! Very good challenge.

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  6. sarahsouthwest March 14, 2018 / 10:50 am

    If only…
    This reminded me a little of the ad the children write in Mary Poppins. Maybe yours will be answered, too. We need superheroes like this, to be teachers, doctors, nurses, parents – everybody, really.

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    • lillian March 15, 2018 / 11:12 am

      Had not thought of that Mary Poppins ad….one of my favorite movies of all time with Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews.
      Ah yes…..everybody really indeed.


      • sarahsouthwest March 15, 2018 / 11:52 am

        Such a lovely film! My kids are too cool for it now…


  7. Waltermarks March 14, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Took an oath like that when I was a kid. I promised to be chearful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverant. Can’t remember the rest of it. I guess that’s why I only made it to scout second class. I like your definition better, but it will be a lot harder to fill that order

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  8. Vaccinius March 14, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    The hero, in most circumstances, I believe, is the one putting it straight, whatever it is. The Number One.

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    • lillian March 15, 2018 / 11:12 am

      Thanks for the reading 🙂 It’s been interesting to read the responses here and the posts to the prompt!


    • lillian March 15, 2018 / 11:13 am

      Thanks, Bjorn. Glad to see you enjoyed. Might be fun to have a Want Ad as a form for a Thursday. 🙂


    • lillian March 15, 2018 / 11:14 am

      Hah! Posters of Want Ads….this instead of the proverbial “Dead or Alive”….Let’s hope there are many heroes alive out there…the 24/7 variety!

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