Ms. Ima Character

She chose a lucky-charmed life,
chocolate chip tolls
in the gluten-free lane.

Driveway décor, night-time too,
rainbow arrow from street to door.
Somewhere-over-the  always nearby.

Merry she is, poppin’ about,
never in knots, no-sayer not.
Upside-up, never down-side down.

Lover of music, coda in place
3/4 time is far too slow.
Give her 6/8 and she rushes the gait.

Zingin’ along on her hubby’s zither
strummin’ those dum do-diddley-dos.
She rocks-a-hill billy rockin’ toon
never the deja-vu blues.

IMG_4519 (1)

Paul hosts dVerse today, the cyber pub for poets. He’s asking us to mix up our language a bit….forget the grammarian rules. So, read the title aloud. This poem is about Ms. Ima, as in I’m A. And her last name is Character 🙂  I really had fun with this one. How many of the allusions can you catch here? Toll-House chocolate chips, a cereal choice, a famous Julie Andrews movie and a famous Judy Garland song, a number of musical references RE music notation, and a country musical instrument. And yep, that’s me in the photo. A number of years ago goofing around with my grand kids. So I guess you could say, I’m a character too!

15 thoughts on “Ms. Ima Character

  1. adda October 3, 2017 / 8:28 pm

    Little darling, you make me smile!! ❤


  2. kim881 October 4, 2017 / 1:03 pm

    So cheerful and charming, poem and photo, Lill!


  3. Vivian Zems October 4, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    A real character you are- happy words- so positive!


  4. dornahainds October 4, 2017 / 5:27 pm

    Excellent vibes, man, Excellent vibes. 😎😎😎😎😎


  5. jillys2016 October 4, 2017 / 5:33 pm

    WA! LOVE the picture! I’m a fan of allusion, so I was totally taken in by every line.


  6. Charley October 4, 2017 / 6:05 pm

    Yura Character… Ima Mazed! Wonderfully done. Didn’t need the explanations… but I used to be a movie-holic. Still ama toll-houseaholic. Send cookies… just not via the internet.


  7. Mish October 7, 2017 / 7:56 pm

    Fun-tastic! I so enjoyed the word play.


  8. JoHanna Massey October 9, 2017 / 11:14 am

    Love wordplay and this one is just excellent. Thank you.


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