Twenty-First Century Cattle Call

I was an Avon lady, in my very early days.
A diehard fan of the Bard that summer,
I fancied myself a Stratford woman.
Today? Well today, here I am.

Lounging in the sun, thirsty and hot
my blue rays turn them green
as I grab a dr. pepper,
antidote to drowsiness.

Stride-rite? But I lean left,
and still seek neverland.
I’ll choose to fly by Wendy’s
every time.

Kate spade dares my counter clubs
and I grimace as victoria’s secret
busts out everywhere.
Target? Not on my back.

The grammatically incorrect hermes
competes with christian dior.
Amen I say to that,
eyes wide shut.

I feel your pain,
branding seared into our hides.

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