Tillie’s Folly

NaPoWriMo  without a daily prompt. Some people are bigger than life, right?

Ernestine by name, Tillie by choice
her steps swish with a joi de vivre
cultivated in French 101 enrichment class.

Blinking an eye, she sees the world in pink
through custom made cats eye glasses
with one fuchsia tinted lens.

Treasured childhood memories
hot vacation drives, windows rolled down
rest stops with pralines and all things Florida.

Collector of girlie things
orange blossom eau d’ cologne bottles
among lipsticks on the mirrored vanity.

Milliner by trade, homemade hats
spill from the antique wardrobe
in a cacophony of colors.

Eons of moons ago, a girl of five
learned to live her dreams
a spark of creativity began it all.

Red and yellow feathers molded to rings
she strutted through kindergarten
hand made tiara fit for a queen.

Tillie’s Folly, hat shop to the stars
sold to the highest bidder
her  sashay through life moves on.

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